Human relationships are a difficult area to understand, which psychologists have been studying for many years, and no one has found a universal answer to the question of how to make people happy. People meet and part, and them can again start their relationships.

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People are divided into three categories. Those who do not fundamentally practice second chances, because they do not believe in their success. Those who wait when their ex-love will come and return to them. And those who in principle do not mind trying again. And again, and again.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

In theory, everything is simple!

You should not return to someone who has not justified your hopes, it would be stupid. In practice, everything is a bit more complicated. First of all, a person should understand that a return to the ex-partner is a fear of a relationship with a new person.

This person is someone you already know, you are used to him, you feel safe, you do not expect any surprises. However, the unknown result is better than the sad result - at least because there is a chance of success. You have already failed with this person, and this fact will hardly change with the years.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

In addition, probably, he will not change either

If he systematically cheated on you, lied or manifested aggression, then this is the pattern of behavior that he developed towards you. Whatever he says now, trying to renew your union, it is naive to believe that the pattern of behavior will not return.

The biggest problem in a new relationship with a partner from the past is that your irreconcilable differences and problems did not dare with a break. No wonder many people talk about their former relationship, without going into details: "We have different characters."

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Credit: Freepik

Do not change your character for the sake of a man and do not expect that he will change

As soon as you realize that for some reason a person is not yours, let him go and do not let him come into your life again. No matter how sad it can be, no matter how much you miss, just endure it - and you will certainly meet a better person.

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Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

If a break occurs, you need to reboot the relationship

Without rebooting, your union will again come to a break. A person will need a lot of effort and work to change himself. If a lady is ready to connect the future with such a person, you should start a relationship, making sure that he is making real steps for healing.

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