What do you know about heavy metals? Do you think that it’s just a buzzword? Unfortunately, no. Sugar causes less damage than heavy metals. They’re found almost everywhere, in processed foods, in the air, in the cosmetics, and even fish!

We’re exposed to heavy metals, like mercury, lead, and aluminum, on a daily basis. Not just from the air we breathe, but also from the water we drink.

Our body flushes out the toxins with the help of a liver but if it is overloaded with alcohol, processed foods, and caffeine, it gets difficult for the liver to flush out the toxins, which get absorbed and accumulated. Here are 7 signs your body uses to tell you your toxin build up is high.

Nausea - Are you on a verge of vomiting almost every day?

One of the first symptoms of exposure to a large amount of heavy metals is nausea. Your body has a hard time processing the metals, and if your heavy metal poisoning is acute, nausea will become a complementary symptom.


If you’re exposed to heavy metals for a long time, headaches will become a SOS scream from you body that something goes wrong. When toxins build up in your body, you simply don’t function properly. It is just the brain’s response to change something in your lifestyle.

Skin issues

Rashes are a common symptom of toxicity. Other skin problems such as acne and early ageing can occur.

Difficulty breathing

The respiratory system is always under heavy pressure, and this often is caused because of mercury poisoning.

Brain fog

Toxicity affects the brain and can lead to memory loss. You will be confused, and suffer from neurological problems such as brain fog, irritability, and anxiety.

Stomach pain and Constipation

You know that inflammation in the gut is the root of all problems. Your gut is affected and inflammation causes bloating, constipation, and gut pain.

Muscle pain

Weakness is a classic symptom of toxicity, but that weakness will be accompanied by joint and muscle pain.