When looking at the female body, the breast is perhaps the most attractive part of the body. but at the same time, it is very delicate. Breast requires special attention and, if necessary, treatment, because it can be easily damaged. The flexibility of the skin above the chest depends on a protein called elastin. Therefore, the chest is very sensitive and has little protection. Thus, it is easily susceptible to damage. Mammology experts recommend avoid doing the following things to your breast even if it seems to be relevant:

1. Wear a bra that is too small

The study shows that only one in four women wears the right bra size. In most cases, the bra is one or two sizes smaller. Many women feel that wearing a smaller sized bra strengthens the shape of their breasts and makes them look hotter. Experts call all the women to wear underwear of the correct size as wearing smaller sized bras can cause plenty of health issues like skin irritation, damage the breast tissue and even lead to cancer.

2. Piercing

Nipple piercing is considered to be dangerous as it significantly increases the risk of various infectious diseases. The infection will spread throughout the body quickly if the nipples are infected. Avoid nipple piercing, the risks are too high.

3. Hair and warts removing from the breast

Many women can't bear living with hair and warts around the nipple area, so they get them removed regularly. However, it is not a good practice as frequent removal can be very harmful and dangerous to your health and may lead to severe inflammation. Moreover, regular removing of the hair will result in thicker and more visible hair.

4. Do not squeeze the breast

Many women tend to squeeze or pinch their nipples or breast when having sex. Any harsh movements can damage breast tissue, especially avoid the nipple area.

5. Running Without a bra

Modern women are very active, they run, do yoga or dance. A bra helps protect breast tissue and if your bust bounces abruptly it may lead to severe damage to connecting tissues. That's why it's always better to wear a bra when going in for sports. A good option is a sports bra, it is much more comfortable and you will yourself freer.