Every woman’s dream is to look perfect, but, unfortunately, not all of us have perfect proportions. Often, a beautiful outfit that looks just fine on a mannequin can look completely different on a real person. The thing is that everyone has their own, special body structure. Some have a narrow pelvis and broad shoulders, others have rounded hips and thin waist, others have a small bust, but large buttocks, etc. Besides, each type of figure has its pros and cons. The best way to correct them is to choose clothes by type of figure. Let's check what clothes best flatter your body type.

Determine Your Body Shape

Why is it so necessary to know your body type? The answer is simple: Any clothing is constructed either in a straight line or in a curved, repeating natural body shape. There are 5 types of female body shapes: Apple (O), Pear (A), Rectangular (H), Rectangular (H), Inverted Triangle (T), Hourglass (X). Use cloth tape to measure your body parametres and determine your body type.

Step 1. Take your clothes off leaving underwear only.

Step 2. Measure the width of the shoulders from one shoulder to the other (the width, not the full girth on both sides). It's better to ask somebody to do that to get the correct numbers.

Step 3. You need to measure the fullest part of your bust. Chest girth is measured at the most prominent points of the breasts. Make sure the tape sticks to your chest end to end.

Step 4. The waist is the narrowest point on the body. Usually, it is located about 2-4 cm above the navel. Do not slouch your stomach or pull it in, just stand as straight as you can.

Step 5. Measure your hips. Hips are measured in the widest part. It's better to measure your hips in front of the mirror.

An Apple Body Shape (O)

People with an apple body shape usually have broad shoulders, rounded bust. The hips are approximately equal to the shoulders in volume. But the legs are often more slender. When choosing clothes, the main task for this body type is to visually lengthen the silhouette with the help of longitudinal vertical lines. It's important to take the attention away from the mid-body to make your look more balanced. That’s why you need to flaunt your legs or wear the dress with V or deep V necklines that created an elongated illusion of the body. The most winning option will be a sheath dress or dress with a simple, straight cut. This will help to balance the silhouette. Also, experts recommend wearing printed dresses or patterned jackets, monochrome looks, dark colors, full or 3/4th sleeves dresses, and flowy tops. Avoid body-hugging dresses or tops with skinny jeans, this will make it more visible.

Pear Body Shape (A)

Pear body type is considered to be the most feminine. If you are a happy owner of a pear body shape then your shoulders are narrow, and hips are wide. You can easily create an illusion of an hourglass body type (skinny jeans will help you here). The main point here is to achieve a balance which means that you should stress the upper part of the body. When forming a wardrobe, the main task of women with a pear figure is to achieve the effect of soft and voluminous lines. In this case, it is necessary to visually increase the width of the shoulders, emphasize the bust distracting attention from the lower part of the body. The best clothes for your body shape will be wide-legged pants, A-line skirts or printed and patterned dresses, crop tops, V or deep-V blouses. Avoid skin fitting tops and loose bottoms.

Rectangle Body Shape (H)

The rectangle-shaped body is usually well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. Still, it's necessary to create the appearance of rounded shapes and soften the angular shape. To do this, choose clothing models that will help identify the line of the hips and emphasize the waist. Choose semi-adjoining clothes that will repeat the shape of your body making a soft emphasis on the waist. You can use the following things to round the forms of your body a bit: undercuts, decorative seams, pleats, pockets located on the hips, vertical lines converging to the waist. The main point here is to make a contrast between the upper and lower parts of the body to gain the desired result (belts will help you here). Wear dresses or skirts that create volume in the hips, for example, a pleated skirt, a tulip skirt, things with draperies or basques. Choose pants that fold at the waist, narrowed to the bottom, straight, flared from the hips. Visually, patch pockets on the back will help to give volume to the buttocks. Avoid too tight clothes, dresses that are overarching and extra-long cardigans and jackets.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape (T)

This body shape is characterized by broad shoulders, the size of which is larger than the hips. The waist is poorly expressed, and the lower part seems much smaller than the upper. Therefore, clothes for this type of body should highlight the volume of the hips and visually reduce the shoulders. Therefore, choose a pencil cut skirt, skinny jeans, V-neck lines T-shirts and sweatshirts. Avoid the patterns, ruffles, layers in the upper body, sty to be as minimalistic as you can. However, all these things can be applied in your lower body to make it visually bigger.

Hourglass Body Shape (X)

The hourglass is an example of femininity and harmony in appearance, which are characterized by proportional top and bottom with a well-defined waistline. In terms of volume, the hips are approximately equal to the shoulders. The line of the hips is curved, the bust and buttocks are rounded. When choosing clothes, the main task for this body shape is to emphasize femininity and softness, highlighting the smooth silhouette. You can choose dresses that cinch at the waist, V or plunge V sweatshirts, belts, and A-line dresses.