There are hundreds of methods for losing weight. Some look weird, some just run contrary to common sense. It's really hard to separate fact from myth. Let's find out the truth, here is the list of top 15 biggest lies about weight loss.

Myth №1: Low-carbohydrate diet

This method may help you to lose weight fast but the effect won't last for a long time. Once you change the diet, the weight will almost instantaneously go back on, moreover, in most cases, it leads to weight gain. Сarbohydrates are essential for a healthy diet, make sure to eat fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.

Myth №2: Reduce fat

Many people tend to buy fat-free or low-fat products to lose weight more effectively. Although these products do not contain fat, they include chemicals that enhance the flavor and texture of foods, so low-fat or fat-free foods doesn't mean low-calorie. So, these low-fat products can be even more fattening than full-fat foods. It's better to eat fresh and whole foods in moderation.

Myth №3: Eat specific foods to lose weight

Unfortunately, there are no foods that can burn fat and make you lose weight. However, some of them can speed up the metabolism in your body.

Myth № 4: Do not eat after 8 PM

Everyone has a different regime and starving yourself in the evenings is not the most far-sighted approach to nutrition. The main point of any healthy nutrition is to have a balanced diet. Of course, it's better to have dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime as this will benefit your digestion system. But in fact, there is no difference whether you consume your calories at 2 pm or 2 am, the main reason for the weight gain is that night eaters tend to overeat due to an unbalanced diet throughout the day, so it's not about eating after 8 pm.

Myth №5: Drink water and you will lose weight

Of course, water is important and you should drink it to stay healthy. But, unfortunately, drinking more water doesn't cause a weight loss. It's better to replace your calorie-rich beverages with clean water, this will help you reduce your calorie intake and lose weight effectively.

Myth №6: Green-tea burn fat

Indeed, green tea can promote weight loss but, unfortunately, drinking cups of the tea (or supplements) won't lead to significant or lasting weight loss results.

Myth №7: You can eat anything and just exercise to lose weight

Many people are not ready for regular training, so they prefer to pass up junk foods or on the contrary. Cutting calories is actually an effective way to lose pounds but it's also important to pay attention to the quality of the food you eat to boost your health status. Still, the most effective way of losing weight is a combination of a well-balanced healthy diet and regular workouts.

Myth №8: Natural weight loss products do not have any side effect

If a supplement even a natural one can cause an effect, chances are it can cause a side effect as well. It's always better to get the needed vitamins and minerals from natural food. For example, many people tend to buy weight-loss supplements like conjugated linoleic acid. However, the combination of a healthy diet and regular workout will give the same effect. You can find this acid in eggs, meat and dairy products.

Myth №9: Drink diet soda to lose weight

Indeed, diet soda is lower in calories as it doesn't contain regular sugar, however, it doesn't lead to weight loss. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that lead to overeating and cause weight gain. The thing is that the body gets tricked by the sugar substitute, you crave more and begin to overeat to feel satisfied. So, it's much better to eat naturally sweet foods such as fruits.

Myth №10: The more calories you cut the better the result

It may sound weird, but cutting too many calories will lead to weight gain. The problem is that when you starve, the body begins to store the fat which leads to weight gain.

Myth №11: You gained it and you can lose it

Gaining weight is much easier than losing it. The thing is that losing weight is usually about changing the lifestyle that requires daily efforts. Unfortunately, weight loss usually happens slowly with lots of plateaus along the way.

Myth №12: Removing food will help to lose weight

It's extremely important to get all needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stay healthy. Experts do not recommend removing one specific food from the diet as this approach is not effective. However, it's possible to lose weight by limiting certain food but this happens due to the consumption of fewer calories.

Myth №13: Eating 6 small meals is best for weight loss

This method needs further investigation as the results of the study are quite controversial. For example, recent research has shown no weight-loss difference between those who eat their calories in 3 meals vs. 6 daily meals. Moreover, another study has shown that eating 2 large meals a day can be the ideal weight loss strategy for some people. Probably, eating 6 times a day may help lose weight however not everyone's willpower can take it.

Myth №14: Skipping meals is a great way of losing weight

The key to losing weight is reducing the number of calories per day and regular workouts. However, skipping meals is not a good idea as it can result in health issues. Moreover, starvation may lead to eating more high-sugar and high-fat snacks, which will result in weight gain.

Myth №15: Becoming vegetarian means to lose weight

A vegetarian diet that is not well-planned and is high in calories won't help you lose weight. Still, it can be an effective method of weight loss if the diet is well-balanced and doesn't contain high-calorie or high-fat foods.