Almost every woman faces a problem of weight gain during her periods which is mainly resulted by hormonal fluctuations. Women can gain up to 5 extra pounds during PMS. Experts say that we tend to get extra pounds until the first day of the period but in case of any metabolic or other health issues, the weight gain period can last even longer. Let’s check what extra measures can be taken to avoid weight gain during periods.

The major causes of weight gain during PMS

Water retention is the most common reason for weight gain during the PMS. Usually, women complain about a feeling of heaviness in the breast or stomach or even little swelling in legs or arms. All these symptoms indicate that you've got water retention therefore you gained a few extra pounds. No worries, it's all about water weight. You will start losing it when the period starts and it will take your body about 3-4 days to get rid of it. However, it’s individual, everything depends on your eating habits and lifestyle.

A lot of women suffer from constipation, indigestion, and bloating during their PMS. Elevated levels of progesterone slow down gut movement so that the digestive system becomes very sluggish. Improper hormonal balance that is common during periods impairs the digestion process, as a result, disturbed digestion leads to weight gain.

Many women prefer to skip the workouts during the periods which is not a good idea. The thing is that during PMS women tend to overeat due to increased craving for food caused by hormonal imbalance. The food cravings, especially for high-sugar foods, may be caused by a low level of magnesium in the body. Usually, the level of magnesium degreases before the PMS. This lead to lower levels of insulin, which increases the craving for glucose (sweets, cakes, etc.) Also, one of the most common symptoms of PMS is mood swings which are often linked with food cravings. So, it's better to practice some breathing exercises and easy yoga, this will ease out menstrual cramps and will help you keep yourself in good shape.

Let’s take a look at how to prevent yourself from weight gain during periods:

• It's better to stock your kitchen with healthy snacks in advance (fruits, low-sugar brownies, popcorn).

• Reduce consumption of caffeine, it will make your calmer.

• Drinking water will keep your metabolism active thus will prevent you form weight gain.

• Do not skip meals and have snacks during the day, it will prevent your metabolism from stalling, balance your hormones, and keep you satiated.

• Cut down on salt and foods high in sodium as it may lead to water retention in your body and result in water weight.

• If you don’t feel likely to go to the gym during PMS, replace it with yoga, light gymnastic or do the workout at home. But do not skip it.