Fad diets have become popular since the last century and it is now the whole epidemic since young women are dying because of the social images and marketing slogans: “Don’t eat if you want to be slim.” The desperation to lose weight can sometimes be a little far-fetched. Over the years, women have tried the most bizarre and dangerous diets, which bring only temporary results, causing serious damage to your health.

1. HCG Diet - choriogonadotropin hormone diet

The hCG diet was popular during the 1950s, offered by the British physician, Albert T. W. Simeons. It included a diet of 500 calories a day and receiving daily injection supplements of the hormone choriogonadotropin (HCG). There was no evidence that this hormone aids in weight loss in the loss of weight, but a strict calorie intake of just 500 calories a day, caused a starvation mode and led to numerous health issues, including death.

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2. The Cleanse Diet: This is a liquid fasting diet, which consists of a lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The diet should not last any longer than 10 days, but it affects the health in dangerous ways. Your period disappear, you’re losing the consciousness, you get digestion problems and stomach pain. You are starving your body of vital nutrients and solid foods. You’re feeling tired and exhausted.

3. The Tapeworm diet

I don’t know how desperate a woman should be to try this diet. This is one of the most dangerous diets for your body, which involves consuming a pill that grows a tapeworm inside your stomach. The warm consumes the food you eat.

But the tapeworm consumes not only the food that you eat, it will also feed on the nutrients that your body needs. Besides, it can move to your brain and cause death. The tapeworm diet is no longer legal.

4. The baby diet

The diet consisted of a jar of baby food consumed two or three times per day. It restricts calories, vitamins and healthy adult nutrition. When returning back to normal food, the weight will quickly start to creep back.

5. The Fruitarian diet

Only fruits are allowed! Again, you’re not getting nutrients, fats, and protein. As fruit is very high in sugar, this diet can lead to Diabetes type 2!

Girl, please, I’m begging you to eat a healthy and balanced diet! Don’t try to drop weight at the cost of your health and lift. You’re unique, you’re gorgeous, love yourself!

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