Research shows that yoga can reduce binge eating by 51%. Why? Yoga helps by increasing body awareness, you’re becoming more sensitive to the feeling of fullness and don’t succumb to mindless eating. Experience these 5 yoga asanas, developed by Laura Madden, a yoga instructor and fitness director. Hold each pose for 3 to 5 while breathing circles.

1. Warrior II. Stand tall with your feet together. Take a large step to the left. Bend the left knee into a lunge, left knee over ankle and toes pointing to right; point right foot forward. Extend arms out to sides. Look in front of you. Press both feet to the floor. Elongate the crown of your head. Find a balance and stay here, breathing, fully aware of your being. You can close your eyes. Change the legs.

2. Side Reach. From Warrior II, rest left forearm on the thigh and reach right arm overhead, lengthening spine, and looking at the right arm.


3. Downward-facing Dog. From the Plank position, reach hips upward, bending body into an upside-down V. Press heels toward floor. Reach with your sit bones to the ceiling, press your hands to the floor. Breathe deeply.

4. Cobra. From the Downward-Facing Dog, bend knees and lower body to the floor. With hands under shoulders, lift chest off floor. Keep shoulders down. Press palms and tops of feet into floor.

Repeat these 4 positions 5 times and finish with:

5. Tree Pose. Place left foot against right calf or inner thigh, not knee. Lift rib cage to elongate spine, and bring hands to prayer position. Hold, then repeat with the opposite leg.

Yoga calms you down and brings awareness. You start listening to your body and real hunger signals. Mindless snacking will become a thing of the past if you spend 15-20 minutes on yoga practice!