A cardio simulator can bring tremendous benefits to your health, weight loss and psychological state. Treadmill workouts also help keep you in a good mood. People who regularly do treadmill exercises or go in for jogging do not suffer from lethargy, drowsiness during the day and have no problems with night sleep.

However, many people complain about knee pain after working out on tread. Regular training has a positive effect on body image, but safety precautions must be observed. Fitness experts claim that exercising on a treadmill can take a toll on the knees, especially if you are recovering from an injury. However, proper technique will prevent you from any injuries or knee pains while exercising. Here are some tips on how to avoid knee injuries during the workout:

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Choose the right shoes

All fitness experts agree that the most important item in a runner’s outfit is shoes. Make sure your feet feel comfortable and supported, this will help you avoid and eliminate pain. However, it's not always possible to choose the right shoes that's why it's better to consult with experts when buying them.

Try walking first

If you suffer from knee pain there is no need to stop working out, you just need to adjust the pace and the loads. Walking on a treadmill is as effective as running, it increases endurance, trains and strengthens the muscles and knees. Walking sessions will help you to get used to the proper exercise technique. Fitness experts say that nearly everyone practices the heel-to-toe strike when they’re walking normally which is much healthier for your knees, so try to put it into practice as you core up your speed.

Stick to the comfort mode

Do not try to surprise others, especially if you've got any knee injury or feel discomfort during the workout. Experts recommend focussing on a long and slow run, increasing the load gradually.

Focus on your posture

The load on the spine is increased on the treadmill, so make sure you keep the correct body position when working out to avoid back pain. If you feel any discomfort in a back or you slouch, it's better to decrease the speed of the belt and focus on your posture. Fitness experts recommend avoiding watching TV while exercising on a treadmill as it leads to incorrect posture. Make sure you keep the core engaged, arms move towards each other, along the body, shoulders pulled down away from your ears.

Don’t avoid cross-trainings

Experts talk about the importance of cross-training as they strengthen the muscle, making them more resistant and prevent injuries during the workouts. Physical Therapist Lauren Lobert recommends doing glute bridges, hip thrusts, clamshells, and sidestepping as it's essential to keep your feet and hips strong to prevent knee pains when working out on treadmill or jogging.

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