Face building, exercises for maintaining skin elasticity and training facial muscles, in particular, are extremely popular over the last years. I've decided to share 5 best anti-aging exercises that will keep your facial muscles in good shape and will prevent wrinkles and sagginess. These exercises are safe, effective and will give you long-lasting results.

Once I've noticed that my skin is not that smooth, firm and toned as it used to be, so I've decided to make my own research trying all facial exercise programs that were available. I've chosen the best facial exercises and moderated them so that they are more effective. I do 25 specific facial exercises every day with one day rest. They train almost all muscle groups in the face.

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Today I want to share my 5 favorite exercises that will help you lift your face naturally. Exercises must be performed regularly: twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. The main thing is the regularity. You will be amazed at the result after 1-2 months of constant training.


Wash your face and hands carefully and do not put any cream before exercise. It's better to take a picture of your face before you begin so that you will be able to track the progress. The thing is that the results won't appear right away and there will be things you won't notice as much.

Forehead exercise. Make sure to do this exercise regularly. This is a perfect way to get rid of forehead wrinkles and lift the brows.

Place your fingers above your eyebrows, as shown in the picture. Press firmly, then lift your eyebrows resisting your fingers. Hold 1 second and repeat the exercise 10 times, then release. Repeat this exercise 5 times. After the last set, hold for 10 seconds until you get a burning feeling.

Eye exercise. This exercise is perfect for those who have got droopy tired eyes, It will lift and tone your eyelids.

Place your three middle fingers under your eyebrows middle finger directly on the brow bone. Press and lift slightly. Now close your eyes firmly, hold for 1 second. Repeat 10 times, then release. Repeat the whole set 10 times. When doing the last set, close your eyes firmly and hold for 10 seconds, then release.

Cheek lift. Do this exercise to tone all the muscles in the lower face, lift and define the cheekbones.

Сlench your fists and put them directly on the cheekbones, press firmly, make an 0-shape with your mouth, so that you feel a stretch. Keeping shape, try to smile, lifting the corners of the mouth. You should feel your cheekbones rise. Keep a smile for 1 second. Release. Do 50 repetitions. When doing the last time, hold the smile for 10 seconds until you feel a burn. Relax.

Nasolabial line smoother. This exercise has plenty of benefits, it will help to make your lips plumper, eliminate the nasolabial wrinkles and will tone the area around your nose.

Put your pointing finger on the nasolabial line (a line from your nose to your mouth), press firmly and lift upwards. Then do the 0-shape with your lips creating resistance, you should feel a stretch. Hold for 1 second, repeat 10 times, then relax and repeat the same procedure with 5 more sets (50 times in total). When doing the last time, hold the position for 10 seconds until feeling of burn.

Tonic for the neck and jaw. If you want to get a beautiful neck, be sure to do this exercise, it will tone and strengthen your neck and reduce your double chin.

Put your hands on your neck as if you are choking yourself, resting on your collarbone. Place your tongue on the bottom behind your front teeth. Tilt your head up as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling holding your hands tightly to the resistance. Hold for 1 second and relax. Do 5 sets with 10 repetitions. Hold the last repetition for 10 seconds until you feel a burn.

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