After the New Year holidays, the number of visitors to gyms increases several times. People are looking for fast weight-loss programs to get rid of the consequences of shoveling holiday goodies. There are plenty of crash diets that pop up on the internet that promise a quick result, however, nutritionists warn that these diets are not only bogus but are also unhealthy. No worries, experts have shared some insights on how to lose weight healthy and safely after the holidays.

Come up with New Year's Resolution

This is the right time to come up with a New Year's resolution, set a simple and achievable goal, this will motivate you to make a little lifestyle adjustment and will make you healthier and happier in a New Year.


Most people want to lose their extra pounds as fast as only possible, however, this is not a good idea as it can lead to a number of health issues like an eating disorder, nutrient deficiency, gallstones, etc. It's much better to lose weight gradually and steadily, this won't cause you stress and anxiety. Don't forget that the increased level of cortisol (hormone of stress) may lead to weight gain, so try to avoid stressful situations.


Drink Water

Make sure you drink enough water, it will not only hydrate your body but can also prevent food cravings. The thing is that drinking water can give you a feeling of fullness which will help you to avoid overeating. Drink a glass of water before your meal and you will eat less than you could.

Do not skip meals, make the adjustments

Experts do not recommend skipping meals as it slows down your metabolism thus prevent weight loss. It's much better to make little adjustments in your ration. For instance, you can replace sweets, fatty meats and refined carbs with meals full of dark green leafy veggies, whole grains, and leaner protein like chicken or fish.

Don’t completely deprive yourself

There is no need to deprive yourself of almost everything you love. The thing is that you will always have the temptation to the food you are not supposed to eat, so it's better to have one or two cheat days to keep you sane.

Avoid eating leftovers

Of course, wasting food is always a bad thing. New Year is a perfect time to build the right habit, clean the leftovers out of your house. Like an option, you can share the leftovers with your parents or family. This will prevent you from eating all holiday leftovers that are stored in your refrigerator.

Go easy with the new gym membership

January is that specific time when most people decide to start a new life, everybody signs up for a new gym membership with a full package. Experts say that one of the biggest mistakes people make is going all-in in the first week of the year. Set realistic goals that are quite achievable for you. Do not promise yourself going to the gym 5 times a week if you barely workout for the last 6 months.

Go easy on the scale

Of course, it's important to track your results and one of the most important indicators is your weight. However, there is no need to weight yourself each time before and after meals. Try not to focus on your weight that much as it may distract you from achieving your goal. Experts recommend weighing yourself once a week.

Be wary of weight loss supplements

Many people try to speed up the process of weight loss with supplements. However, be aware many of them are harmful to your health. You should clearly understand that reaching your goal will take some time, do not wait for the magic results after a week of "healthy life". However, if you are serious about using supplements, you should talk to your doctor first.

Get enough sleep

The study shows that people with sleep deprivation are more likely to be overweight. The thing is that lack of sleep leads to a cortisol spike that signals your body to store fat, moreover, it increases food cravings during the day.

Get a workout friend

Find a fitness friend who will support you on the way to your goal. The best candidate is a person who has a similar goal or a personal coach. This is not only a fun way of achieving your goal but is also more effective.

Write your goals down

Experts claim that writing down your weight loss tools and goals are the best ways to stay on track. It not only motivates you to keep working hard but will also help you track your weight loss progress. This is a good way to review your nutrition, workout and overall lifestyle and make the needed adjustments to achieve your goal.

Don’t stop once you meet your goals

Do not stop after achieving your New Year's resolution goal, come up with a new one, this is the right way of self-improvement!