Many people replace sugar with artificial sweeteners because they believe that this is the right way to reduce the number of calories and eventually lose weight. Despite the global consumption of these sweeteners and diet foods, in general, the obesity level has only increased. The research shows that artificial sweeteners do not help lose weight. On the contrary, there is scientific evidence that sweeteners stimulate appetite and increase cravings for sweets.

Today there is a variety of artificial sweeteners with different chemical structures. All of them tend to stimulate the sweet taste receptors on your tongue and are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. The taste of what we eat is extremely important for us as we do not eat just to get the energy, we eat to enjoy the process and satisfy our needs. The research shows that even though artificial sweeteners provide a sweet taste, lack of calories prevents getting the feeling of fullness which leads to increased appetite and cravings for sweets.


The thing is that the body anticipates the flow of glucose into the blood and throws out an additional portion of insulin in advance in response to a feeling of sweetness in the mouth. Glucose does not enter, but insulin already lowers blood sugar levels below normal. This results in a feeling of hunger during the day.

There was an experiment that showed that sugar consumption decreased the appetite while the taste of artificial sweeteners didn't cause any reaction in the hypothalamus. This way, the researchers suggest that our brain doesn't register artificial sweeteners as having a filling effect.

However, the impact of artificial sweeteners on a feeling of hunger is quite contradictory. Another study has shown that artificial sweeteners didn't affect the appetite of calorie intake from other food. It’s extremely difficult to get accurate data in nutrition study as a lot of things to depend on many factors. Though the question of artificial sweeteners needs further study, researchers warn of the possible effects of artificial sweeteners.