Most people believe that going to the gym is the only way to lose weight, strengthen muscles and get rid of excess fat. However, the gym is not a good option for everybody due to lack of time, work schedule and children that need your time and attention. Good news! You can bring your body in perfect shape at home, saving your time and money. We offer you ready-made workouts at home with an exercise plan and exercise tips for effective weight loss.

How to work out at home

Fist of all it's important to get a space for your workouts where you will regularly do the training. Set up your home workout space in a way that you are encouraged and excited about training and will be able to stick to a schedule. Be cautious and ready to overcome the obstacles as working out at home comes with its challenges. The thing is that there are a million of things at home that can distract you from training like TV, PC, musical instruments, food, etc. So, do your best to organize yourself and manage your time wisely.


Full-body workout at home

Most people prefer to work on one specific part of the body that is most problematic, however, experts recommend focussing on the healthy, sustainable development of your entire body. Full-body workouts should be your top priority, they can include the following exercises: hip-ups, flutter kicks, and single-leg glute bridges.

Chest workout at home

Spend at least 10 minutes for a chest workout, this will boost your health and will strengthen the muscles. It's better to combine traditional and plyometric exercises while training your chest muscles.

Abs workout at home

Everybody dreams about a flat stomach, fortunately, abs workouts are easy to do at home, so you will be able to get abs of your dream in no time. The only thing you need is space for your body to crunch, dip, kick.

Legs workout at home

Many people leave a sedentary lifestyle staring at a computer monitor, of course, this is all due to job specificity. Make sure to take care of your legs doing some simple workouts throughout the day. It should include walk, climb stairs, lunge and calf raise.

Arm workouts at home

It's important to work out your arm muscles equally (triceps and biceps) to keep balance. The most common mistake here is that many people tend to overwork their biceps as it shows a noticeable difference in size faster than triceps.

Back workouts at home

Most people start looking for a back workout only after getting back pain or weakness. In most cases, back pain is a result of a sedentary lifestyle. It's much better to train your back before any issues appear, it will develop your back muscles, strengthen them and will prevent injuries.

Cardio workout at home

Many people associate cardio with running which is right, however, if you don't feel like running there are plenty of other cardio exercises that can be included in your daily routine. Cardio training will boost your heart health and will improve your endurance. If you want to achieve a weight loss goal, then cardio exercise is a must in your workout routine. You can use a jump rope, stairs for your cardio workout or you can dance. Experts recommend performing a combination of classic cardio moves like jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers.

Butt workouts at home

You can perform classic butt exercises at home like squats, lunges or a series of different jumps. This will not only boost your overall health but will help you to get a glute of your dream.

Yoga At Home

Make sure to devote enough time not only to strength and cardio workouts but yoga as well. It will stretch your muscles making you more flexible. Moreover, yoga has been proven to be an effective method of developing full-body strength.

Workouts to lose weight

If you want to burn calories then you should do high-intensity workouts. Experts recommend doing high-intensity interval training (HIT) at home to lose weight effectively. Also, you can try tabaca workout which is a form of HIT where you perform one exercise for 8 rounds - 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Shoulder workout at home

Take care of your pivotal part of the body. Shoulders exercises will help with your range of motion which in turn gives you the stability to perform a variety of movements in your everyday life. It's not necessary to use dumbells at home to train the shoulders. You can do traditional push-ups, military press or grab a couple of light water bottles and do some lateral raises.

Boxing working at home

If you are tired of regular cardio workouts, you can try kickboxing training. Boxing or kickboxing will not only boost your overall health but will develop your coordination, will make you more stress-resistant and will help you to burn calories.