The notion of a perfect lower part, to be precise your butt, has become extremely trendy these days. Everyone dreams about the perfect booty and spends hours in the gym to make this miracle happen. But not everyone knows some of the easy tricks which will help you achieve a set goal in no time.

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The thing is that you need only one type of exercise to get your booty into the shape that you want. That is squatting. Sometimes the usual squatting may get monotonous and boring and there are ways of mixing and matching to get a stunning result.

Today we will tell you about 8 moves that will make your butt and thighs the point of envy for all your girlfriends. Are you ready?

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#1. Plié Dumbbell Squats

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Stand up straight with a tight core and flat back. Position your feet wider than shoulder-width. Your toes should be facing out diagonally.

- Holding a dumbbell with both hands in front of you, look straight ahead and bend at the knees while driving your hips backward. Your knees should be following your toes in a diagonal line.

- Complete this wide stance squat by having your thighs come parallel with the ground. Pause and slowly return to the starting position without locking your knees.

#2. Chair Squats

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

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- Place a chair behind you. Stand up straight with a tight core and flat back. Fold your arms in front. Your feet should be shoulder-width and toes and pointing forward.

- Slowly descend by bending your knees and driving your hips back. Keep your chest and head up.

- Touch the chair with your butt then slowly rise back to the starting position.

#3. Resistance Band Glute Kickbacks

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Position yourself on the ground supporting yourself on your hands and knees. Hold the handles of a resistance band in each hand. Hook the middle of the band on your left foot, pushing it back until the slack tightens.

- Brace your core and maintain a flat back as you kick your left leg back and up.

- Slowly return your leg to the starting position, not allowing the knee to touch the ground. Repeat the movement.

#4. Hip Thrusts

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Lie on the ground and place your right foot on the rubber part of the BOSU Ball. Extend your left leg straight into the air. Extend your arms to the sides and tighten your core.

- With your gaze focused on the ceiling, push down with your right foot, elevating your hips. Tighten your glutes when you come to the top of the movement and hold. Slowly, lower your body towards the ground but do not lie back down until the end of the set.

#5. Curtsy Lunge

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Standing with a braced core and flat back, bring your hands together at chest height. Position your feet to be at hip-width.

- Beginning with the right foot, step backward and across your left foot. Simultaneously, bend the left knee and drop it towards the ground.

- Stop when the front right knee is parallel with the ground. Push off the ground with your right foot and return to the starting position.

#6. Pistol Squats

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Stand straight with your feet hip width apart, arms fully extended and your hands by your sides. Raise your left foot from the floor, extending your leg out in front of you. As you do so, raise both arms out in front of you in a smooth arc for balance. This is the start position.

- In a controlled movement, lower your body toward the floor by bending your right knee while pushing your hips back as if sitting down in a chair. Continue this downward movement until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold for a count of one.

- Return to the start position by pushing down through your right heel and straightening your leg. Lower your arms to the start position as you do so.

#7. Bridge

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Lie on an exercise mat with your knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. Keep your back straight. Place your hands out to your sides palms flat for stability.

- Raise your glutes off the floor by extending your hips upward while pushing down through you heels. Continue until your back, hips and thighs are in a straight line. Hold for a count of one.

- Return to the start position by lowering your hips back to the floor. Pause then repeat.

#8. Inchworms - Cobra

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Stand tall with your legs extended straight. Bend over from the hips and touch the floor with your palms flat on the floor.

- Keep your legs straight as you walk your hands as far forward as you can. Don’t let your hips sag.

- Take small steps and walk your feet to your hands. Continue for the desired amount of repetitions and then straighten up to the starting position.

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