Being a mother wasn’t an easy thing for this woman. She told us that it was the very beginning of her long way “down” in gaining weight. As a professional baseballer wife she was supposed to move constantly and consequently did not have a permanent doctor.

Her appetite was driven crazy, she ate what she wanted, when she wanted and in any quantity that seemed good. She gained 80 pounds! Unbelievably, but that was what happened.

Then came stress: her husband was fired and there was an accident at his work but then she stopped for a second and saw the “before-after” story of a woman which inspired her SO much that she decided to change her life in a moment! She changed her lifestyle, her diet and she worked out so hard. The result is amazing. You have to look and marvel!

What a wonderful transformation! It is hard to imagine how much strength and devotion did it take to create such a slim body.

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What can be more inspiring for those who want to lose weight than the perfect body of a mother of a wonderful boy?

Now she is so confident as she was never before. There is nothing surprising about it, just look at this slim gorgeous body!

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Just look how different are these two women! Now Kenna is full of energy and shares her experience as the coach for women who wants to change their lives and bodies as well.

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