What does make you think about changing your way of living? Of course for most of us it is different. Yet, those who have a weight problem may have something in common. You want to get in shape no matter what, but usually the lack of motivation is something that stands in your way.

Today we are going to talk about Sophy Van, the lady who decided to change her life and succeeded in it within a year. You may wonder what is so special about her? There dozens of ladies like her, with personal trainers and ready-made diet plans, right?

Stop right there! The thing is that Sophy is one of those who wasn’t able to afford a personal trainer or neither had she an experienced friend to introduce her into the world of fit people. So what did she do?

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Well, the answer is quite obvious – she used the sources she could afford to the fullest – that is the Internet. She does not claim that it was easy – yet she made it, that is why we are talking about her here right? So a part with a training program is obvious, she found it online. And while sticking to workout routine may be difficult at times, she claims that following a healthy diet plan was ten times as difficult.

How did she managed to stick to her diet for a year? She didn’t, in fact. Sophy says that there were weeks when she could go rough and eat everything that she was supposed to forget about. But, she never blamed herself for that, because it is only natural, and in no case she thought of quitting.

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What is also important is to know your macros. If you know your limit, there is always a way to sneak a cheat meal in.

As you see there are not so many rules to follow, only a strong desire to succeed is needed.

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