Many women get married to gain weight and lose shape. This is due not only to the birth of children, but also to the lack of time. Even with the desire to lose weight, we are so absorbed in our family that there is absolutely no time to take care of ourselves.

Today we want to tell you the story of a young mother who lost weight for her family. Holly Barrett, 30 years old from Suffolk started her way to losing weight one evening when she put her children to bed. You will be surprised, but an ordinary children's fairy tale made her lose weight.

The thing is that Holly has a wonderful little daughter who loves to play and run. One evening she went upstairs to take her daughter to sleep. Holly was so out of breath that she could not read to her child at night a fairy tale.

At the time she decided to lose weight, Holly weighed already 249 pounds. The fact is that she, like many people, was eating in case of stress and this led to gain of excess weight. Before that, Holly experienced a personal tragedy.

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In 2013, she lost her mother, who was ill with cancer. This led to a chronic depression with which Holly's body struggled by consuming tons of fast food and sweet drinks.

Noticing that she was not even able to read the story to her child, Holly decided to make drastic changes. Holly decided that whatever it takes she should change in order to fully participate in the life of her child.

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Like most people, Holly at first decided to trust extreme diets. But in this case, fast doesn't t mean stable. Holly, of course, began to lose weight quickly, but very soon she gained the weight again and became even bigger.

Tired of such weight extremes, she decided to change the approach and began to engage in healthy eating. This not only helped to lose weight, but also constructed long-term nutritional habits. Also, Holly used long walks as exercise. Now she not only takes part in the life of the child, but is proud of her appearance.

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