This is the story of a woman who managed to change her life completely. Courtney Maguire was an alcoholic. She had a food addiction and was in depression almost all of the time. One day she saw 310 pounds on the scale and that scared her. She had pretended that everything had been okay for so many years before she realized that there was a huge problem.

She could not live a normal life or meet good men because of her problems. The men whom she met did not see her human qualities. They saw her weight and only men who had a fetish for fat women agreed to date her. That hurt her feelings very much. So, in 2014 Courtney decided to get a serious operation- gastric bypass surgery.

After that operation, day by day her life was changing for the better. She began to eat small portions. She changed her lifestyle. By eating healthy foods and being physically active she lost 165 pounds. Now, she can be an example for many people in the world.

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