Do you want to have strong muscular arms? Perform this 3-week arm plan to make your arms tight and toned! Do not worry if you have never held a dumbbell in your whole life, you will be able to finish this workout plan no matter your training level!

This challenge consists of 8 exercises which involve all the muscles of your arms. Each exercise should be performed 15 times for 3 sets. Look carefully at the explanations to the exercises.

The size of weight you need to choose on your own but beginners usually start with 5 pounds. If you perform all the challenge exercises with ease you should increase the weight of the dumbbells and If it is too hard for you - decrease the amount of weight.

#1. Seated Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

- Sit on a bench while holding a dumbbell in your left hand with an overhand grip. Tighten your core and straighten your lower back. Lift the dumbbell to shoulder height.

- Push the dumbbell overhead with your palm facing forward. Keep the upper arm in place. Slowly bend at the elbow and lower the weight behind your head.

- Push the dumbbell back up over your head squeezing the tricep muscle. Immediately begin the next repetition. Switch sides once you have completed all repetitions.

#2. Alternating Knee-ins

- Place your hands flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Extend your torso and legs fully behind you with only your toes and balls of your feet touching the floor.

- Your body should be in a straight line, with your weight supported on your hands and toes only. Starting with either leg, flex your knee and hip at the same time to bring your knee up and under your hip. Your other leg should remain fully extended. This is the start position.

- Using an explosive movement, reverse the position of your legs, by extending the bent leg back and simultaneously flexing the straight leg until it is in the startposition. Continue alternating in this manner for the desire amount of time.

#3. Plank to Push Up

- Start in the plank position with your elbows shoulder-width apart.

- Press yourself up from the floor one arm at a time into a push-up, maintaining your body in a straight line.

- Slowly return to the starting plank position the same way, one arm at a time. Repeat the movement alternating sides.

#4. Push-ups

- Place a Swiss Ball on the ground and lie face down in front of it. With your hands beneath your shoulders, push yourself up into a classic Push-Up position. With a tight core, place one foot on the Swiss Ball. Once you feel balanced, position the other foot on the ball as well.

- Maintaining a braced core and a flat back, slowly lower your upper body towards the floor. Focus all of the tension into your chest. Your feet will remain on the ball, fighting for balance during the movement.

- Push yourself back into the starting position before beginning again.

#5. Bent Over Double Arm Tricep Kickbacks

- Holding a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip, stand tall with your chest up and core braced. Bend at the hips while keeping your back completely flat.

- Once your upper body is parallel with the floor, bring your upper arms to your sides. Begin by pushing the dumbbells back and behind you.

- Pause at the top of the movement and feel the contraction in your triceps. Slowly lower the dumbbells and begin again.

#6. Push Ups Holds

- Position yourself on all fours on a mat. Place your hands in front of you and shoulder-width apart.

- Now bring your hands in towards the center until the tips of your index fingers and tips of your thumbs are touching. This creates a diamond shape between your hands. Your elbows and wrists should be in line with your chest.

- With your fingers facing forwards, lift off your knees so that your body forms a straight line and just your hands and toes touch the floor. Keep you pelvis straight and abs engaged and aim to keep a straight back throughout the movement.

- Bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor, aiming to touch your chest to the top of your hands. Pause briefly. Return to the starting position by extending your elbows and lifting your body off the floor again.

#7. Power Partials

- Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder width apart, while holding a dumbbell in each hand with a neutral grip. Hold your arms fully extended by your side, with your palms facing in to your body.

- Keep your elbows close to your sides. This is the start position. Keeping your arms fully extended and your torso stationary, lift the dumbbells out to your sides and up until they are at shoulder level. Exhale as you do so.

- Hold for a count of one while squeezing your shoulder muscles. Return to the start position in a smooth controlled movement inhaling as you do so.

#8. Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

- Lie on a flat bench holding a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip. Start by holding the dumbbells slightly wider than shoulder width apart above your shoulders. Your palms should be facing forward.

- Slowly bend your elbows until they are at a 90 degree angle and your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Push the weights up by straightening your arms.

- As you push the weights up, move your arms in an arc to bring the dumbbells together, until they meet over the center of your chest. Hold for a count of one. Lower the dumbbells by slowly bending your elbows back to 90 degrees.

- Continue lowering your arms until they are a little lower than parallel to the floor. (Your elbows should be pointing slightly towards the floor and you should feel a stretch in your chest muscles and shoulders.)

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