Kate Writer managed to drop 110 lbs in one year! This is unbelievable! She completely changed her lifestyle, eating and sports habits. Now she can be an example for all women who want to get rid of such annoying pounds and to become more self-confident.

First of all, Kate completely changed her eating habits. She began to eat healthy foods, vegetables and fruit instead of snacks, fast-food and fatty foods. She had great results- she lost about 90 pounds after seven months of this diet.

Kate posted the whole weight loss process to social networks. She motivated lots of women to lose weight and to follow her recommendations. Do you want to look through her diet? This is not a problem, here you are:

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Her day started with two boiled eggs, one banana and almonds. After a couple of hours she ate yogurt with muesli or granola. In the afternoon she had vegetable salad with tuna or chicken or roasted vegetables with chicken steak.

Her dinner was varied but she always had protein and vegetables. So, you can eat any vegetables you like in any form: boiled, roasted or fresh. Always add fish or chicken to your dinner. She also ate one piece of chocolate or a spoon of ice-cream when she wanted something sweet.

Now, let’s speak about her workout. When she began to lose weight cardio exercises were the most crucial part of her workout plan. She lost a lot of pounds very quickly but then she changed that plan and began to do more strength exercises to build muscle.

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Now her favorite workout is CrossFit and weightlifting exercises. She did not stop cardio exercises but her workout is very different from the one she had in the beginning of her weight loss program. She works more to increase her stamina and to increase the intensity of the workout.

This girl has proved that nothing is impossible. If you have a goal, reach it, do not put it off for later and do not give up on your dreams. It will be hard in the beginning but when you see the results, you will be very thankful to yourself for not giving up.

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