Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson is 51, but she looks 35 years old and still has the nickname Body, or simply - Super Body. How does the model manage to keep the skin elastic, and the body - toned for many years?

Ell does not keep her secrets but openly shares them with everyone. In order to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, Elle MacPherson cleanses her face with a scrub once a day, and peel the body with homemade scrub twice.

During the morning and evening shower, she uses a stiff brush and then necessarily moisturizes the skin. During the beach holiday, a lingerie and designer of her own brand Elle Macpherson Intimates does not shirk from the beloved beauty procedure: "I mix moisturizing cream with sand and apply to the whole body, and then I wash it away in the ocean."

In the makeup supermodel also uses some tricks: "The makeup artist taught me to emphasize cheekbones. It gives a wide-open look and an opportunity to look younger without having to apply a lot of make-up. "

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The secret of her good shape is an active way of life: "I like to be outdoors, swimming, cycling and walking a lot. Even in New York or London, I would rather take a walk than train in a gym." It seems that everything is simple, but the main condition of beauty life-hacks from the supermodel is the regularity.

Develop a habit of taking care of your body and skin, and then exhausting workouts and tough diets will no longer be needed. Elle is convinced that beauty begins from within and therefore in its diet uses only organic and healthy products. She also pays attention to the water balance and drinks about 3 liters of water every day.

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"My motivation is a feeling of joy, inspiration, calmness, strength, and health. For me, it's more important than numbers on the scales, and that's what motivates me to eat and exercise properly, "Elle says in one of her interviews.

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