It is really hard to be left all by yourself with your problems. No matter what these problems are. That is why we share the stories of other women who have managed to cope with their problems. Today’s heroine is Jessica Davis, who turned over a new leaf in her life.

Jessica lost about 140 pounds and completely changed her appearance. She became a young, attractive woman again. However, it took her 5 years to beat her extra weight. Extra weight actually threatened her life. Jessica was in despair but she got herself together and took the first step towards her great transformation. She was successful despite all the obstacles. You can do it too if your aim is the same as Jessica’s.

Here is her diet to encourage you to take your first baby step.

Breakfast: 1 Cup Special K advantage with 1 cup milk (plus half a banana)

Snack: A banana and handful of nuts

Lunch: A salad with lettuce, carrot, mushroom, tomato and avocado

Snack: A banana or cup of strawberries

Dinner: A child’s serving of brown rice and tuna with basil

What is stopping you from reaching your goal? You go, girl!

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The BetterMe Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remember you only get one!

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