We all are different, as are our life stories. Erica Lugo is a regular woman, there are dozens just like her. What we mean by saying that is there are lots of you who think that you were born that way, you were born chubby and there is nothing you can do about it but accept yourself. We won’t lie to you here – sometimes it is indeed the only option left but these cases are rare.

There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our kids, right? But what if you get home so tired that you can’t even go and play with your kid despite the endless begging and requests. You are not tired from what you do but from how much you weigh, how does that sound? It sounds like bad parenting? What do you think?

That was the case with Erica and that was the best motivation she could get. Have a look at her – she succeeded, so can you! It is all about the attitude, says Erica, if you think you can’t – you won’t and vice versa.

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