No matter how strong and courageous, confident and charismatic, attractive and bright the woman is, at the some point she may find herself in a situation of psychological violence. How to change the situation in her favor and regain harmony, optimism, confidence and continue to enjoy life?

The modern world has perverted and psychological violence from the male is perceived not from the position of normality, but silently. And yet this is the deepest delusion that a woman can comprehend. It stands side by side with unfair but popular myths like "there are no real men" and "no one will love me".

You will not be happy in the relations where you are continuously monitored, based on jealousy, distrust, and fear of a partner to lose you. If the partner constantly checks your phone, mail, profiles in social networks, hacks passwords, etc., threatens to do something with you or with yourself - it's abnormal and destroys you.

Look through the most popular signs that you partner is an abusive man:

#1. He tries to treat you like you are his possession. He always tries to tell you what you should do.

#2. He never trusts you and tries to check your cell-phones, computers and notebooks.

#3. He always lash out at you even without any reason. He is very cruel.

#4. He does not let you hanging out with friends and becomes very angry when you just trying to meet with them.

#5. He uses you as a tool to achieve his goals and to improve his self-esteem.

#6. He focuses all his energy on you and tries to manipulate you.

#7. He has drinking problems. This even aggravates his mood.

#8. He uses his past to justify his bad attitude towards you.

#9. He tries to change you. He wants you to be another person.

#10. He will never admit his guilt and will not take responsibility for the things done.

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