This article is about a strong woman who used to be unhealthy and obese but then she became a certified personal trainer and fitness lifestyle blogger. Her name is Cookie Miller and she is a caring mother-of-two beautiful kids.

She started her weight loss journey because she was tired of being overweight. When her weight reached over 200 pounds her doctor diagnosed her pre-diabetic. Although she has tried to lose weight many times unsuccessfully when she found out about pre-diabetes diagnosis she started to change her life.

Now Cookie lives the healthiest and happiest life possible and she is trying to help other people to live fit and healthy. Scroll below to read about her transformation, diet and training plan.

The weight-loss transformation journey of Cookie Miller

Cookie struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember. She tried so many things such as taking diet pills, using weight watchers, visiting quick weight loss centers, drinking Herbalife but nothing worked.

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But in September of 2012, her friend invited her to run with a running group at a local park. That is how she started her running routine. In November of 2012 she had lost 30 pounds. She became addicted to running. Most of her extra weight she lost in one year.

Her workout plan

She started with running and then she signed up for Zumba classes, obstacle course racing and weight training. She also likes High-Intensity Interval Training.

Her diet plan

She prefers to eat the same meal all week as she eats to fuel her body with proteins, carbs and fats.

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Her typical day:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables.

Snack: oatmeal without sugar.

Lunch: healthy chipotle bowl of her own recipe.

Snack: a boiled egg, half a can of tuna.

Dinner: vegetable salad with grilled chicken.

Her advice for people who want to start their weight-loss journey

“Stop wasting your time and start doing something! You can start with simple things such as walking or eating the right meal or you can join a gym or run the marathon. It is up to you! You are responsible for your life and your body”.

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