Men are trying to look strong and masculine. Traditional societies expect them to behave like that. No wonder, there are still a lot of man in modern loyal societies, who are trying to look like that. Sometimes, their behavior does not correspond to their inner world.

Men are trying to hide their emotions as well as their fears. Well, this phenomenon is called emotional castration in sociology. Boys are fostered that way to be less emotional and to pretend to be fearless. Unfortunately, such a phenomenon still exists.

Today we want to tell you about 10 fears most men keep in secret. You will be able to support your man and to make your relations closer and stronger. Make sure you are not talking about these issues directly, in order not to offend your man.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

#1 The way he looks

Sometimes men don’t want to cuddle with women, because they are not completely happy with their physical shape.

#2 Money

Guess what? If you earn more than your boyfriend, it may be a very serious issue. So, make him feel stronger than you, no matter who earns more money.

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Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay


Men become shy, if they are shorter than women. So, you’d better don’t wear your high heels to your dates.

#4.Other man

You won’t believe, but your man is probably scared of other man being better than him, so you that you can give your preferences to someone else. Make sure to appreciate your man and don’t give him a reason for being jealous.

#5. Being unexperienced

If a man does not have much experience in relation, he might feel uncomfortable. Make him feel that you are equal, even if you had a lot of boyfriends before.

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Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

#6. Body hair

If a man does not know about your preferences, he will be worried about being hairy or not hairy. So, tell him you like him with the way his body is.

#7. Diet

This one actually relates to the first one fear. Men are worried about the way the look, so they take their meal very serious.Try to be supportive.

#8. They way relations unfold

Men really care. They want everything to be perfect, neither too slow, or too fast.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

#9. Partners his girfriend had before

If you are more experienced than your man, he might feel awkward. So, wait for him to answer the question about previous partners, before giving your answer.

#10. Emotions

Men are scared of crying, because of melodrama movie you are watching movie together. Just tell him it’s ok, that will help.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

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