All of you know that the New Year Eve is a wonderful time, full of magic and miracles. People all over the world every year make the New Year Resolution but not everyone is responsible for their words. Today we are going to tell the story of a girl, whose resolution makes the true miracle.

Kristen Calfee was a simple 20-years old girl with quite a girlish problem called “love handles”. Many girls experience this problem and Kristen was not an exception.

Once before the New Year, Kristen noticed some drastic changes in her skin on the love handles. The things that there appeared some red stripes, which looked like ugly scars. As millions of girls before, Kristen had the stretches on her love handles and decided to change her life in the New Year.

Most of us have faced the problem of gaining weight during the time in college. Kristen's story is quite different and shows that there is always the right time to change the life for better. Studying in college, she has lost up to 75 pounds and improved her fitness skills greatly.

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In some time, Kristen plans to become a personal fitness trainer to help other girls to get rid of the hated fat. Scroll down to read the inspiring story of an incredible weight loss!

The starting point of her weight loss took place in the January 2016. If you ask Kristen what made her make this decision, she will answer, that probably it was a feeling of panic. The thing is that her red-purple stretch marks look painfully.

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As the result, a girl who has never taken care of her health started leading a healthy lifestyle. It took her 2 months to learn all the necessary information about weight loss and fitness recommendations.

First, she used an app called Fitness Pal to count a number of calories consumed in order to cause the calories deficiency and lose the extra pounds. She did not adhere to strict diet plan; all she used was a simple healthy eating. In addition, Kristen worked hard in the gym regularly. She claims that her main secret is taking photos regularly to notice all the wonderful changes that happen to your body.

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