Kristina had a difficult period in her life as she has lost her friend, quit her job and was accepted to a graduate school program across the country. She dreamed about this program!

When she went to see a doctor she found out that her weight had reached 250 pounds. She realized that she needed to do something about her weight as it could lead to some serious health problems. She started her weight loss journey in March 2014 and she has achieved stunning results.

In this article you will learn how she lost 102 pounds by following the ketogenic diet. Kristina achieved this result without performing any exercise! Scroll down to see what motivated this girl and learn more about the rules of her wonderful diet.

The transformation of Kristina

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet. Kristina found out about this diet from the news, then she did some research and decided to start the diet. First she reduced her carb intake to 20 grams a day and started counting calories. In November 2016 her weight was 150 pounds!

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You would be surprised but Kristina did not do any exercise during the first year of her slimming. She walked to school and took yoga classes on campus from time to time but did nothing serious. She started training in the gym after two years of following the keto diet.

This young woman is really excited about her slimming because now she is able to buy any clothes she likes, easily fits into an airplane seat and crosses her legs. She enjoys simple things now!

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When she started her weight-loss journey it was easy to slim down because her weight was just falling off her but then things slowed down and it was really hard for her to stay motivated. For this reason Kristina created an Instagram page.

Her piece of advice for slimmers

She says, "Do not be afraid to start and learn something new! You do not need to know everything. Learn the basics and go ahead. You do not need to change your lifestyle at once. Just take little steps towards your dream. It is better than nothing".

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