This is a story about the former competitive gymnast Shellie Edington. She used to train with Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton in her past, but in August 2010 there was an unpleasant situation- Shellie could not get up from the training mat and do a push-up.

Shellie looked extremely humiliated at that moment, although there was not a single person in the hall, only bars, dumbbells and other fitness equipment. In fact, she was not intimidated inside and she decided to return the old shape at all costs.

Let's take a look six years ahead and we will be able to see Shelley, who easily makes 21 pull-ups, she still continues to train in that fitness club, but now it looks much better than before and has all necessary modern equipment for all fitness lovers. She is fifty-two and this woman (a mother of three children) is going to return to the CrossFit competition and even to win it.

Are you interested in reading the whole story about this woman’s life? Here you are. Unlike other competitive gymnasts, she began her trainings only when she was twelve. She was very talented and everyone noticed that. But she had to give up gymnastics when she was studying at the college.

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She had to do this, because she started suffering from anxiety. At that time nobody knew how to help a poor girl, there were no sports psychologists or someone else. The only way was to give up training and to continue to live as a typical teenager.

After the college she decided to teach gymnastics to little children. So, she could combine business with pleasure. She opened a gymnastic hall for children and continues to own it nowadays. All children at the age from 2 to 12 can study at her school.

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One day a parent of one of her pupils told her about CrossFit for children. From that moment, she started to think often about that and even spoke with the owner of the local CrossFit studio. So, after some time the biggest event of her life began and she learned the CrossFit life.

The idea of CrossFit was in combining gymnastics, weightlifting and running. She devoted her whole life to this kind of sport and you do not even imagine how hard it was to return to the gym after so big disappointment in her abilities. In 2016 she got the first place in CrossFit competition and was really proud of herself.

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