Words can hurt a person very much. No one knows this better than the 46-year-old Peggy Pullen.

One negative comment about the body of Peggy in the pool made her be able to get rid of 80 extra pounds! A negative comment from the child in the pool on a warm summer day in 2014, which caused a great desire to change herself!

"He called me a hippopotamus!" she exclaims, remembering an incident that forced her to change her body totally. "It really hurts," she says. "I gave all my free time to children, and there was no time left to take care of myself.

"I have two little children who are the meaning of my whole life. After a sharp comment about my appearance, I decided to show others and myself what I can do, " Peggy claims.

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The problem was not in searching for a proper diet plan or exercise program; problems were in a huge inner insecurity. A lot of pills were already tried for weight loss, and nothing helped.

Beginning to believe in herself and picking herself up was the most difficult things in the process of weight loss. Her hobby - cooking helped very much. This was the best way to relieve stress. Peggy's knowledge of the culinary arts helped a lot when she switched to proper nutrition.

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"There was a habit of cooking and eating a lot. I was particularly fond of French cuisine and a glass of wine. Of course, the diet had to be completely changed and required complete refusal of alcohol and eating a lot of protein foods. There was a clear understanding that without proper nutrition it would not be possible to get the desired effect from training" Peggy says.

When asked about the secrets of successful weight loss, Peggy claims that the most important thing is the connections of mind and body. You should not just perform physical exercises, you must understand and feel how your muscles work. Aimless repetitions of exercises won't help you to achieve the desired result, you must understand what you are doing and you need to love it.

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