There are ladies out there that due to perfect genes seem to have perfect bodies. If we skip the fact that most of them also work out hard it will be true. Sometimes just one look at those legs the girl in magazine has makes you cry. Why is mother nature so unfair?

Well, mother nature works in mysterious ways. You can sit there on your couch staring at the magazine or you can get up and start doing something in order to shape your legs as perfectly. What is more, we have even made a list of most effective exercises to help you get your thighs and legs fit almost in no time. So what is your choice sit there and pity yourself or get up and get to work?

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#1. Clamshells

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- On a mat or comfortable surface, lie on your left side. Place your left hand behind your head while placing your right hand across your body.

- Bend your stacked knees so that your feet are behind you. Begin the movement by lifting the left knee up while keeping the feet together.

- Pause at the top of the movement and slowly lower your left knee down to the starting position.

#2. Spiderman Plank

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

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- Lay face down on the ground with extended legs. Point your toes while you place your hands beneath your shoulders.

- Push yourself up into the plank position. Maintaining a tight core and flat back, bring your left knee to your right elbow.

- Pause and slowly return each to the starting point. Repeat with the other side and keep alternating.

#3. Bird Dogs

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Position yourself on all fours with knees underneath the hips and wrists under the shoulders. Engage your abs and keep your spine neutral, pulling the shoulder blades towards the hips.

- Lengthen the left leg until it is straight out and in line with your hips while simultaneously raising and straightening your right arm until it is parallel to the floor. Keep your head and shoulders aligned at all times.

- Gently lower your arm and leg back to the starting position and alternate with the other arm and leg.

#4. Jack Planks

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Start in a high plank position with hands planted firmly on the ground, wrists directly below your shoulders. and body in a straight line from head to toe.

- Jump your feet apart like you would do for a jumping jack. Keep your knees soft to help absorb the impact.

- Jump your feet back together, landing softly on the balls of your feet.

- Repeat at a brisk pace for 30 seconds.

#5. Single Straight Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Stand tall with a tight core while holding a pair of dumbbells. Keeping your chest up and your gaze straight ahead, shift all of your bodyweight to your left foot. Bend the right knee, allowing the right foot to lift off the ground.

- Maintaining a flat back, tilt your upper body forward. Do not allow the dumbbells to pull you down. Control your descent. Simultaneously, allow the right foot to counterbalance the shift in weight.

- Feel the contraction in your hamstrings and pause once your upper body is parallel with the ground. Slowly return to the starting position.

#6. Backside-Boosting Lunge

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Start from standing, and step your left leg behind you and to the right so your thighs cross, bending both knees as if you were curtsying.

- Make sure your front knee is aligned with your front ankle.

- Return to standing, and switch sides to complete one rep.

#7. Jump Squats

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

- Start by doing a regular squat, then engage your core and jump up explosively.

- When you land, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep. Land as quietly as possible, which requires control

#8. Frog Hops

Credit: BetterMe

Credit: BetterMe

- Stand with your hands behind your head, and squat down keeping your torso upright and your head up. This will be your starting position.

- Jump forward several feet, avoiding jumping unnecessarily high. As your feet contact the ground, absorb the impact through your legs, and jump again.

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