Leandie Williams had to fly for work when she found out that she could not to buckle herself into her plane seat. Her weight was 275 pounds and it was impossible for her to close the belt above her lap.

"I was so scared and ashamed to tell the flight attendant about my problem and I was afraid that warning bells would go off," Leandie said. "I was hiding the belt to not let someone see this shame."

That was the first time when she realized that her weight is unhealthy. Later she has found out other alarming signs such as type two diabetes, trouble fitting into her pants and difficulties in walking. But exactly that plane incident motivated her to start her changes.

"I knew that was my mistake that I endangered myself," she said. "This flight has changed my whole life. I had been overweight for 8 years but that was the first time when I realized that I had to do something with it."

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Her transformation

It took a little time to start her new life but she did it. She has found a fitness trainer to help her train at the gym and she cut fast food, sweets and processed food off her diet. "I had no strength and it was so hard to workout. I started training with my own weight".

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Leandie started cooking healthy food that was high in protein and low in carbs. It was a really complicated struggle.

This brave girl has lost about 100 pounds and she is going to continue losing her weight. Now it is easy for her to find a beautiful outfit that fit, walk and run and she is definitely able to buckle her seatbelt.

Her motivation

"You are the one who is responsible for your safety and you are the one who is responsible for your size", she says. "Your only competition is yourself. God takes care of those who take care of themselves. That is why you should fight no matter what and move forward. "

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