Today thousands of people lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a lot of harmful habits, including unhealthy eating, smoking and drinking alcohol. As a result most of them suffer from excess weight, obesity and other health problems.

Unfortunately, not all of them are able to find enough willpower, motivation and courage to get rid of their excess weight. This problem doesn’t let them lead a normal life and causes different health conditions.

Today we have a special story for you which will inspire you and give you all the necessary motivation to start losing weight. It’s about Gabriella, a woman who managed to lose 170 pounds.

She suffered from excess weight all her life. Gabriella tried a lot of diets and one day she was so tired of all that stuff that she gave up. She dealt with the fact that she was just a fat girl with cute face.

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Everything changed when she gained her last 20 pounds. She understood that her excess weight didn’t let her do simple things and lead a normal life. She couldn’t go to the movies or spend time with her son. She even had to buy two seats on a plane so as not to bother the passenger next to her. That was the point when she understood that it was time to change her life.

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So, Gabriella found enough courage in herself to start leading a healthy lifestyle. She performed workouts five times a week. It was a really hard process but this woman claims that every second you spend working on yourself is worth that new life and the opportunities which you’ll get at the end.

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