Women from all over the world spend their entire lives trying to get rid of their excess weight. Some of them have succeeded, but most women are failing and starting to gain such a hated fat again.

Scientists believe that psychology plays no less important role than physiology when it comes to weight loss. According to their opinion, we are prevented from losing fat, not by the absence of willpower but the absence of motivations.

Today, the Internet is flooded with the stories of women who have been able to achieve the desired result and are now helping others to overcome this problem. In addition to their photographs before/after, we can also talk to many of them on social networks. Today, one of these women will be the heroine of our article.

At the very beginning of her weight loss, Shannon Covert was 30 years old and weighed about 260 pounds. A girl looked at herself from a different angle, just looking at the photo from her brother's wedding: "I thought: "Who is this huge woman occupying with her body the whole photo?" And then I realized it was me.”

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The thing is, she used to eat a huge number of fast-food and lead a sedentary lifestyle. When Shannon decided to get rid of weight, her husband Richard supported her.

To lose weight, the girl made a gastric bypass. This procedure combined with the proper nutrition and sports gave a stunning result.

When going in for sports, Shannon faced a misunderstanding, ridicule, and disrespect at the gym. When she came to the gym, a lot of people laughed at her and even videotaped her. Despite all this stuff, she did not abandon her class and went straight to her goal.

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In addition to the beautiful body, Shannon also wanted to get rid of extra pounds to start a family. As a child, she dreamed of a family and a baby, but at the age of 18, she lost the opportunity to have children because of her weight. It is hard to find a stronger motivation, isn't it?

When she eliminated all the excess weight this girl decided to do her best in helping others get rid of the extra weight. That was the end of her marriage.

The husband who supported her constantly during the diet was unable to withstand the attention that other people had given her. He became so jealous that Shannon had to leave him.

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