On New Year's Eve, 2016, Lexi Reed made a bet with her friend: to slim down. Her weight was 485 pounds and the weight of her husband Danny was 281 pounds at that time.

"The main reason of our slimming was our health. We dreamed of having a happy family with kids in our future and we knew that it would be impossible if we did not get our lives under control," she says.

One year has passed and Lexi has achieved her goal. She has lost almost 237 pounds while her husband shed 62 pounds. They trained a lot together, cooked healthy food together and walked miles together what made their love stronger.

Lexi shares their weight loss story on her Instagram page and it now has over 60,000 followers. Many of her followers were inspired by this young happy couple to start a new active life.

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The transformation of Lexi and Denny

This young couple decided to cut alcohol, fast food and soda off and started to prepare healthy food at home. They balanced their diet with veggies, fruits, whole grains and proteins. Lexi and Danny have trained five times a week and that felt really hard at first.

Losing extra weight together was the best thing they did to strengthen their relationships. They supported and push each other on the way to their dream. Having this support they managed to slim down and maintain their new weight.

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The Reeds lost almost 300 pounds in one year and they still lead a healthy lifestyle together. The married couple loves weights training, cardio and Zumba. And they do not modify their diet and continue eating 1500 calories of delicious and healthy meal per day.

Danny and Lexi have achieved success together which made their marriage stronger. “Now we can travel around the world, walk everywhere and do so many things together. I am so happy that we stopped wasting our life with comfort eating and laziness,” says Lexi. We are having a wonderful life together full of love and care now.

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