The problem of excess weight is rather common nowadays. Thousands of people all around the world suffer from obesity. It doesn’t let them lead a normal life and causes a lot of discomfort. So, what’s the matter? Why can’t they just slim down.

Well, we all know that it’s a long and hard process. We should keep strict diets and perform physical exercises daily to get rid of excess weight. So, some of these people have no enough motivation, others are afraid to quit their old habits and so on. But some of them managed to change their lives once and for all.

Today we have a special story for you. It’s about Lisejda Kurti, the girl who weighed 244 pounds and managed to reduce a half of her weight.

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One day she saw a woman while shopping. She thought that she will never get like that woman. But after a moment she realized that it was her own reflection in a mirror.

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That was a moment when Lisejda decided that it’s time to change her life. She trained only at home since she was ashamed to perform exercises at the gym.

She also stopped eating her favorite foods which were rather harmful. And now she is an attractive, slim, and confident woman which is able to lead a normal life.

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