Amanda has suffered from obesity all her life and things got worse when her weight reached 330 pounds. She was desperate, in pain and she had no idea how to start a normal life without comfort eating.

Now Amanda's weight is 180 pounds and she feels much happier and thinks positive about her future. She is trying to overcome the difficulties but she understands that it is not an easy thing to do.

She says, "When I was a kid I used to sneak meals when no one was looking. I used to hide sweets and treats in my room to eat it alone. It was really embarrassing because I could eat the whole time even when I was not hungry. "

It took a long time for her to realize the fact that she needs to do something to get rid of food addiction and lose fat. In this article you will read more about the weight-loss journey of this strong young woman.

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Amanda’s weight-loss story

The reason why she reached 330 pounds at age twenty was her food addiction. Amanda resolved to have a slimming surgery but it did not work for her. She says "I was hoping that my food addiction would go away but I was wrong."

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Amanda has found another way. Now she goes to the gym six times a week and eats small portions of healthy food but she confesses that "I never quite got over this childhood obsession with food.

Now even after slimming surgery, having skin removal, losing 150 pounds of fat I still have a struggle with myself. When I am upset or stressed I lose my control and turn to food.”

Her motivation

She says, "I share with you my feelings as I want you to know even though you feel desperate, alone and embarrassed you should continue your struggle. Never stop trying!

Even when you feel that you do not have the strength to fight you need to remember that you are still gorgeous and strong! You may not win every battle, but you can win the war."

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