Today thousands of people suffer from excess weight and obesity. These problems are rather dangerous since they don’t let lead a normal life and very often cause more serious health conditions. That’s why it’s so important to be strong and to get rid excess weight.

Unfortunately very often people who have problems of this kind don’t have enough willpower, motivation or courage to start losing weight since it’s a rather hard and long process.

But today we have for you a story which will provide you with all necessary motivation to change your life completely.

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We want to tell you about Jessica Beniquez who weighed over 320 pounds. Before the weight loss she only ate, went to work and watched different shows.

But one day she decided to change her life once and for all. Due to strict 1200-1500 calorie diet and regular physical exercises she managed to lose 175 pounds.

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Now Jessica weighs 145 pounds and is going to become a professional trainer. She is slim, attractive and healthy. She feels much better and admits that now she can do all the things which she could never do before.

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The BetterMe Team is by your side throughout your fitness journey! Stay motivated and you can achieve your goals. If you are struggling with your motivation have a look at one of our many articles for inspiration.

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