This story is about Kaitlyn van Brunschot. This girl used to weigh 225 pounds and managed to lose 78 pounds. She got rid of annoying excess weight just by weightlifting. Do you believe in this? Her story is really amazing.

It all started after she broke up with her boyfriend. She began to eat a lot. Food became her only value in life. It was very difficult for her after her boyfriend cheated on her. Only food made her feel better at that moment.

One day she got up in the morning, stood on the scale and saw that she was 225 pounds. That day she decided to change something. She started her weightlifting program. After a very little while she noticed the first changes in her body and in her mood.

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That became her best motivator and she promised herself that she would continue exercising and would not give up losing her excess weight no matter what. Lifting weights made her more self-confident, more sociable and her mood was always great.

Kaitlyn did not like cardio exercises, so she chose weightlifting. She started with ordinary squats and deadlifts, slowly trying new exercises. She had dreamt of losing weight since she was 12 but she always postponed it until later.

This girl tried swimming, aerobics and many other things, but nothing helped her. That happened because she was not ready to make really great changes in her lifestyle. She was not ready to make her dreams come true for of many reasons.

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Now Kaitlyn is a completely different person. She thinks that it is a lot of fun to exercise. It is very interesting and motivating for her to beat her personal records and to work harder and harder. She works out with friends, and this also motivates her to do her best.

She is very proud of herself. She made a lot of friends at the gym and continues to communicate with them nowadays. She can wear any clothes she likes. She attracts really great guys. Kaitlyn posted a lot of before and after photos to her Instagram, now you can see her changes.

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