Today there are really many people who suffer from excess weight. This problem leads to more serious health conditions and doesn’t let people lead a normal life. That’s why all of them want to get rid of it.

Unfortunately not all people can manage to solve this problem since the process of weight loss is rather long and hard but today we have a special story for you which will give you the motivation to start changing your life.

It’s about Naomi Teeter. This woman weighed 300 pounds at the age of 26. Her excess weight caused a number of rather serious and painful health problems which made her suffer. Her doctor encouraged her to start changing her life as soon as possible.

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Naomi developed some new healthy habits. She started keeping a food diary and performing physical exercises regularly. Now she is 34 and she feels great.

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She is able to do the things which she couldn’t do when she was obese: she adores climbing, running and even sky diving. Naomi leads a healthy and happy life.

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