Britney is a beautiful woman from California who managed to lose eighty pounds. She did an amazing internal and external transformation for over six years and now she is madly in love with her own body.

She went through a great physical transformation using diets, exercises and strong willpower but she stayed on her path because of her inner transformation. Britney stopped hating herself and started to treat herself with love and respect. She says, "Now I love myself, I love my skin, my stretch marks, my cellulite, my small bust and my big butt."

Britney advises people to stop fighting with their body and start to love and accept it. She says, "Start speaking to yourself out of love, become in love with your natural authentic beauty, your raw self and watch your world transform." Do not make this journey alone, ask for the support of your friends and never let anyone think that you are not beautiful. You are.

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