Jordaan’s weight loss process began in 2015. Her weight was 310 pounds that year and she has lost 160 pounds since that moment. So, she managed to lose almost a half of her weight. This is an incredible story of a very brave woman.

First of all, she decided to change her diet. She stopped eating unhealthy foods, including fast food, pizza, burgers, a lot of sweets and desserts. She focused on a low carbs diet and that did its thing. A low carbs diet made her lose excess pounds every day.

After six months of such a diet, Jordaan decided to take a serious step- to make a lap band surgery. She thought it was a way out. Unfortunately, Jordaan got to those rare 2% of people whom this operation did not help.

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She started exercising along with her diet. She began to workout at home watching videos or looking at photos of exercises on the Internet. She started from the simplest exercises and increased the time of performing them and the intensity day by day.

When she began feeling herself more self-confident, she started working out outside. She said that not only the number on the scale motivated her to continue that weight loss process, but also her children and the desire to wear beautiful clothes and to live an active lifestyle.

She tried to find interesting recipes for her low carbs diet on the Internet not to stop. She did not want to get tired of her losing weight process, so she made herself love the food she was eating. Also, she tried not to have small snacks.

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Of course, Jordaan had a lot of loose skin, when she got the first results. Despite that, she continued to conquer her excess pounds and to achieve her goal. After all, to hide loose skin was easier that to hide excess pounds.

Now you can see her before and after photos on the Internet. Maybe this woman will become your motivator and you will think about changing your lifestyle, your habits and you will make the first step to the body of your dream.

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