Angela Crickmore is a strong and beautiful woman from London who lost more than seventy pounds and went from a size twenty to a six size over the five year period.

When she moved from Brazil to London she started a job where she ate a lot of harmful meals every day and that was the reason why she gained fat. Her weight was about 190 lbs when she realized that she needs to change her lifestyle. She said, "I was tired all the time and I felt so bad in my own body".

Angela started her weight loss journey when she came to visit her stylist who had recently lost a lot of weight. The lightbulb went off in Angela's head when she saw the amazing transformation of this woman. Angela realized that she can do the same transformation.

Scroll below to see eating plan and training routine that helped her drop seventy pounds.

The transformation of Angela Crickmore

Angela decided to start with balancing her diet. She said goodbye to unhealthy foods such as chips, sweets and salty fish and said hi to healthy balanced foods such as boiled eggs, lean meat, greens and quinoa.

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She prepared containers with healthy meals and she consumed small portions of food every 3 hours. Angela noticed her progress as her weight on the scales was smaller and her clothes became looser.

When Angela dropped her first twenty pounds she decided to start her training routine. At first it was an every day one-hour walk which turned into a run.

Later she was brave enough to start weight training at the gym. She transformed her workout routine in accordance with her goals at the time. Now Angela is focusing on losing fat that is why she does a forty-five-minute HIIT training and use the StairMaster five times a week.

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Seventy pounds later Angela still eats small portions of healthy food and changes her training plan depending on her aims.

Angela's motivation

She says, " The key to successful transformation is a discipline. If you focus on your aims and plan your diet and exercises ahead you will succeed!"

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