Alice Callaghan is a nurse from Sydney who used to drink ten cans of Pepsi a day but then gave up this harmful habit and lost over 115 pounds in 8 months. She always struggled with her weight and when she was in year ten at school she had already weighed about 245 pounds.

She was 19 years old when her weight turned 342 pounds. Alice was diagnosed pre-diabetic and It was difficult for her to even walk ten meters without pain in her body.

Alice and her husband Rhys celebrated their wedding and when Alice has got wedding photos she realized that she needs to change her lifestyle. When Alice first saw her wedding photos she was outraged.

She said, " I was disappointed and angry as I thought that was the fault of my photographers. I thought wedding photos were awful but that was just photos of me." That was the starting point of her weight loss journey.

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Eight months later Mrs. Callaghan achieved her goal and now she inspires people with her story of slimming success. Do you want to know more about her weight loss story? Then scroll below to read it!

The weight loss story of Alice Callaghan

Alice never led a healthy way of life but when she got her licence she started to balloon. It was all because of her Pepsi and fast-food addition.

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This young girl turned 19 when her weight reached 342 pounds. Alice said, "It was hard for me to walk and breathe. I cannot stand being around people as I did not want people to see me." At that time she was drinking 10 cans of Pepsi a day. Her obesity made her life difficult and it reached the point that her husband tied her shoes for her.

Everything changed when she visited her doctor. Her first step was a pre-surgery salad diet during which Alice dropped 24 pounds. In January she had a slimming surgery and that was the end of her Pepsi addiction.

Alice says, “Now It is impossible to find Pepsi in my house. I started exercising and I feel much better now. I am so happy that I changed my lifestyle. So If I can help anyone change their life it would be a job well done.”

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