This twenty-minute workout program consists of basic stabilization exercises that reduce backache. It is crucial to have a strong midline support as this decreases the risk of lower back and pelvic pain. It is noteworthy that sometimes muscles that seem to be weak may be inhibited by a muscle on the opposite side of the joint.

That is the reason why an inhibited muscle does not respond to resistance workouts. If you experience backache or lumbar pain you should consult a spine therapist to have your muscle inhibition screened.

In other cases if you start to train an inhibited muscle it may lead to some negative health consequences. We recommend that you consult a spine therapist every time you want to start a new training routine. A licensed physical therapist can create a special strengthening workout to fit your needs and help to relieve pain.

Before you start this twenty-minute workout program you should learn a few rules. First of all unlike extension exercises you are not allowed to perform strengthening exercises every day. You should give your body time to rest. Secondly, stop doing the exercise if you feel pain or other unpleasant feelings. This fifteen minute stabilization workout will strengthen your abdominal muscles and the gluteal muscles in your lower back.

If you are ready to start this training routine scroll down to see the list of strengthening exercises to tone your whole body and reduce lower back pain. Perform these exercises regularly and you will see results in a month.

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#1. Straight Leg Raise

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#2. Inverted V-Plank

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#3. Triangle Crunch

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#4. Side Plank

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#5. Swimming Pilates

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