Relationship is a hard work. We all want happy and strong relationships. We try to keep our partners happy, but if you want the key to a healthy relationship you have to play smart. There are some things you’d better avoid if you want a stronger relationship.

It would be better to state opinions every now and then, especially on things that really matter you. There is nothing wrong in it because it will help you in the future.

You should avoid some mistakes in order not to deteriorate your relationship. Annie Wright, a licensed marriage, and family therapist have the best advice for us. She says, “ Every relationship is based on the give and take principle. And it’s extremely important to keep that in mind”.

Let us start by considering the facts.

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#1. Predicting and Providing For Their Needs

The stable relationships are when you stop to anticipate all the needs of your partner and provide everything to fulfill them. Your partner have to understand what you do. We advise you not to fulfill all the partner’s wishes at once. You will spoil your partner and will make him dependent on you. It will be a big problem in the future!

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#2. Being the First to Apologize

If you didn’t make a mistake then you have not to be sorry. If you will always be the first to apologize it will cause the unhealthy relationship. Don’t make it a habit because your partner will get used to it and he will never realize his mistakes. “Both individuals in a relationship are responsible for resolving the dispute,” emphasizes the Relationship Expert, Sage B. Hobbs.

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Credit: Freepik

#3. Taking Responsibility For Your Partner’s Family

Don’t interfere in partner’s personal family conflicts. This will worsen your own relationship with your partner and his family if things go wrong. Just ask him how you can help him through this difficult time.

#4. Agreeing to Everything They Plan to Do

You have not always agree with your partner. Letting your partner be the boss all the time will spoil your mood and you will not have a choice of your own. You should take the initiative to choose something for both of you.

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Credit: Freepik

#5. Saying Yes to Sex when You Don’t Want to

Never say yes to sex if you don’t want it. Most people often just agree to have sex not to offend their partner. This is a wrong way! You build the relationship and both of you have to respect each other. If your partner really loves you he will understand your choice.

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#6. Trying to Influence Their Bad Habits

You must be a motivation for your partner. You should try to make him give up bad habits. You can’t change the partner’s whole life but you can keep up with the words of motivation, and you can support him. Relationship Expert Marcus Kusi says, “ Couples need to encourage each other and try to be the best versions of themselves.”

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Credit: Freepik

#7. Trying to Be Their Therapist when They are Depressed

Depression is contagious. At this moment you will not be able to help your partner . If you will be his therapist at the depression time it would only do you the harm. Just live your partner alone. If you see that partner doesn’t handle with it, offer him the psychiatrist’s help.

#8. Taking all the responsibilities of the chores

We want to give all of ourselves to our partner in relationships. We want to please him every time. But don’t forget that your partner have to please you too. When you live together there are some chores to do. And it’s not your responsibility to do all of them. You have to create a plan that will help you to share the responsibilities. When you help each other in the relationship it only makes them stronger and happier.

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Credit: Freepik

#9. Trying to Give Unnecessary Advice

Sometimes your advices are inappropriate. Because your partner doesn’t ask for them. And it can harm your self-esteem. Allow your partner to deal with his problems. Only if he asks then you may give some advice.

#10. Saying Things are Okey when They aren’t

Let’s develop a habit to tell only the truth! We often say “yes” to keep things settled. This is not good for your relationship. You can not deceive each other because you’ll grow apart at this moment.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

#11. Hiding their mistakes

You don’t have to hide your partner’s mistakes. You will remember all these things he has said or did to you. Don’t let your partner get away with this. You need to tell him his mistakes and make it clear that he should apologize.

In conclusion, we can say that love is the best feeling in the world – love deeply, care endlessly. And don’t forget about your self-respect!

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