Flat belly is a dream of every woman and many of them work hard to achieve their goals. In order to build washboard abs you should find a balance between a diet and exercises. It is not easy to stick to a routine but you cannot build your dream body without efforts.

We would like to show you these two-week six-pack abs workout challenge that consists of easy but effective moves that can help sculpt flat tummy. This challenge consists of effective exercises such as genie abs, eagle abs, runaway abs, star abs, clock abs, hollow rocks, single leg drops and earthquakes. All these exercises target your belly and strengthen your body.

The main advantage of this training routine is that you do not need to buy any special equipment or a gym membership. You will need just a yoga mat to start your workout and you can perform it everywhere including your house, your office or outdoors. It is sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Another advantage of this challenge is that it targets your stomach muscles and allows you to build strong and tough belly. Perform this set of moves five times a week and combine it with cardio routine such as interval running, swimming or boxing. Cardio routines will accelerate fat burning which lead to quick results.

If you are ready to try this two week challenge you should scroll down to learn how to do these moves correctly and find out how many repetitions of each exercise you should do.

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#1. Genie abs

Credit: Michelle Reinard FIT

#2. Eagle abs

Credit: Rebecca Pacheco

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#3. Runaway abs

Credit: WeightTrainingCom

#4. Star Abs


#5. Clock abs

Credit: Martha ACUÑA

#6. Hollow rocks

Credit: Howcast

#7. Single leg drops

Credit: WeightTrainingCom

#8. Earthquakes

Credit: WeightTrainingCom

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