It's not a secret that non-verbal communication can give information about a person even better than words. Especially it concerns feelings between a man and a woman. If the latter are more outspoken in expressing their feelings, men in this matter are more stingy. Women always wanted to learn the sign language of men, in order to know how to behave.

Most often, men are mean for words, and even if they speak, they are deliberately hiding their feelings. But the language of mimicry and gestures will give out their true thoughts and tell you about whether there are feelings..

The ability to correctly interpret non-verbal signals, can help to understand the relationship and whether there is any further meaning in them, which is incredibly relevant for couples,who have lived together for more than one year, and those who only enter into relationships that will be useful.

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What is more, it is interesting to read people! According to psychology, only slightly more than 7% of information by a person is transmitted through words, and more than 55% through non-verbal communication. The remaining percentages fall on the intonation of the voice, its timbre or height.

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Psychologists have determined that women’s intuition is nothing more than the ability to recognize the secrets of body language. It is she who helps the weak sex to come out of seemingly unavoidable situations, for which such skills are often called witches. But in fact, everything is much simpler, nature has endowed the woman with this ability, so that she can more easily and quickly guess the needs of her child, who is unable to express them independently.

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Credit: Freepik

For couples who have lived together for years, sometimes words are not needed at all. So, one glance of the wife or husband will be enough for the second half to understand everything. That's why a married man is more stingy in words and expressing emotions.

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But even a high-quality "hide feelings" game can be revealed. So, if it is clear that the guy sympathizes with you and this is mutual, you need to take the initiative in your hands and show him that you are only happy with the relationship.

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Credit: Freepik

Let's figure out how to understand the body language of men!

#1. He reflects your gestures.

#2. He smiles, when you do.

#3. He tries to touch you.

#4. His pupils increase, when he sees you.

#5. He makes eye contact with you.

#6. You catch his fascinating eyes on your face from time to time.

#7. His eyebrows are often up.

#8. He leans to you, when talking to you.

#9. He twists his feet to you.

#10. He touches his hair, when talking to you.

#11. He twists his fingers during communication with you.

#12. He tries to cover your hands with his.

#13. He shows his palms, when talking to you.

#14. He stares at you.

#15. His back is relaxed, when he talks to you.

#16. His chicks blushes.

#17. His lips part, when he is talking to you.

#18. He tries to stand up above you.

#19. His voice becomes deeper.

#20. He laughs at your jokes.

#21. He walks right next to you.

#22. He rises his hands from time to time to stretch your back.

Credit: Freepik

Credit: Freepik

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