If you have flabby arms and you want to pull them up, triceps exercises are an absolute necessity! As well, and exercises on the biceps, but about them later. Today we will talk about the best triceps exercises to add relief and tone to this muscle.

The skin of the hands may hang for a number of reasons:

natural age processes that begin after 30 years,

the lack of physical activity aimed at strengthening the muscles of the hands,

too much sunlight - the skin becomes flabby, less elastic,

a sharp drop in weight - the skin does not have time to pull up,

excess weight of the body - the muscles of the full women are poorly developed, and the fat deposits lower their skin with their weight.

Flabby, sagging skin on the hands is mostly not provided with enough vitamins, microelements. The recommendations are simple, and they should be followed in conjunction with other techniques:

1.drink enough water - at least 1.5 liters, as this is one of the main building materials for fabrics,

2. eat more foods with vitamin E - apples, cherries, strawberries, plums, sea buckthorn, tomatoes, etc.,

3. include in the diet of food rich in polyphenol, necessary for suspending the aging process of the skin (there is in grapes and suits), there are more products with vitamins A, B - it is primarily broccoli, other cabbage, carrots, greens.

After 50 years, and sometimes at an earlier age, the skin of women sags, because the muscles do not work, they are not sufficiently developed. This does not allow them to maintain tissues elastic. If you do exercises for specific muscles, you will be able to tighten the skin.

Do you workout at home or in the gym, there are many triceps exercises for women to choose from. You can use a variety of tools, extra weights, fitness equipment, or just the weight of your body.The best exercises on the triceps are those that will be aimed maximally isolating this muscle group.

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1. Push-ups

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2. Biceps Curls

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3. Lateral Raises

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#4. Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral Raises

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#5. Triceps extension

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#6. Triceps Kickbacks

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#7. Front Shoulder Dumbbell Raises

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#8. Overhead Shoulder Press

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