A thin waist and a flat belly are exactly what women dream of. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to make a waist-thin waist at home. You just need to perform exercises for the aspen waist, designed to burn fat deposits in the abdomen and sides, and to strengthen the front wall of the abdominal press, so that the belly looks taut and flat.

In order to calculate which waist size is ideal for you, you need to subtract 100 cm from the height in cm. For example, if your height is 170 cm, then your waist should be 70 cm, but not as much as 60 cm. And if you also have broad bones, then the waist should be a couple of centimeters more.

There is another option for calculating the ideal waist, but it is suitable only for those women, who have the same parameters of the chest and buttocks. In this case, the waist should be 70% of the volume of the chest and buttocks. For example, if the volume of the chest and the priests is 100 cm, then the waist should be 70 cm. It is this ratio that will look most harmoniously.

The size of the waist is also affected by internal factors, that is, your health. If you have thyroid gland diseases that affected the hormonal background, you first need to get rid of the underlying cause, leading to an increase in body weight and, accordingly, an increase in waist size. Therefore, do not pursue the idea.

Today we have collected the best exercises that will help you to keep fit and to make your waist thinner.

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#1. Elbow Plank

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#2. Torso Twist with Ball

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#3. Crunch with Fitness Ball

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#4. Kneeling Oblique Crunch with Fitness Ball

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#5. Push-Ups

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